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The CD-Series offers the ability to decorate and border cakes as well as sculpt roses. This unit will also dispense cream puff and eclair batter, cookie dough and assorted icings. With the CD-Series, the operator has full control over the amount, shape and speed at which a product is dispensed.The CD-Series replaces the age-old pastry bag with an 1 8-quart (1 7-liter) capacity hopper, which represents approximately 36 to 40 fillings of a pastry bag. Using a pastry bag, the operator risks hand and wrist injury (carpal tunnel syndrome). With the CD-Series, product pressure (speed) is adjusted by merely turning the dial. The hand pressure required to squeeze the trigger is very low and, more importantly, remains constant regardless of the dial setting.This dispenser consists of four main assemblies - power base, filler unit, gun/hose assembly and balancer assembly. The power base is selfcontained and requires no maintenance. The filler unit consists of a hopper and pump. The filler units are available in polycarbonate or 316 type stainless steel construction. Both units are easy to clean. They disassemble without the use of tools. A pressure disc is included with each unit. This disc, when placed on top of the product in the hopper, prevents cavitation in the hopper and assures uninterrupted flow of product through the system.The decorating gun is ergonomically shaped and places the operator's hand in a comfortable decorating position. A comfortable hand position is necessary to avoid operator fatigue. The counterweighted balancer assembly suspends the gun and hose assembly in the most comfortable motion range for ease of decorating. The decorating gun is offered in three configurations: as a right or left hand pistol type or as a straight type. In addition, the hose assembly accepts a de-aerator device, which enables the operator to create delicate decorations without air bubbles. Tools are not required to disassemble the gun and hose assembly for cleaning. The CD-Series comes complete with adaptors, which accept all standard decorating tips.

Cake Decorating

T-SeriesThe T-Series turntable is designed to speed the decorating process, leaving both hands free to decorate.This turntable features:12" diameter removable tableClockwise and counterclockwise rotationVariable speed control60 lb. load capacityHousing constructed of rugged polycarbonate

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