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Doughnut Jammers, Depositors, Portion Control Depositing, Cake Decorating, and much more

Edhard equipment fills a need in the marketplace. The bakery, food service, cosmetic and packaging industries use our metering systems to save time and material. Our products include Filler Units, Power Bases, Cake Decorators andAccessories.A partial list of food products, which can be injected, deposited, layered, and topped by using our dosing systems:Batters, butter, cheesecake, cottage cheese, cream cheese, creams, custard, fruit fillings, honey, icing, jelly, ketchup, molasses, mustard, oils peanut butter, preserves, pudding, purees, ricotta cheese, salad dressings, salsa, syrups, tomato paste, tomato sauce, whipped cream, yogurt and many other products.Non-food product applications*:Cosmetic creams, finger paints, gels, glycerin, hand creams, lotions, industrial lubricants, ointments, petroleum jelly, toothpaste and other products.*For non-food products use Valox® or stainless steel filler units.

The purpose of this equipment is to dose liquid and semi-liquid products in the following ways:• Inject a product into another product• Deposit a product in a container• Deposit a product on top of another product• Layer a product on to another product• Decorate a product with another productThis equipment consists of three main components. This concept applies to all variations of this equipment. The main components are:





PVS -1401 Series



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